Sped Away

Hardcore BDSM! Whips and humiliation and chains, oh my. It's all consensual, but there it is. You have been warned.
This is a teaser fic to the series that has taken over our brain, which isn't done and won't die. This takes place the following year, and has some references to previous/future chapters...or something. Massive thanks to Dark Emerald for the beta.
New Years' Eve: The old year now is sped away / The New Year it is entered...Let us now both sport and play/Hang sorrow, cast care away (lyrics from an alternate version of Greensleeves from the 1600's)

“Boss, please?” Tony wheedled, running his fingers up and down Gibbs’ spine the way he knew Gibbs loved. “It’ll be small. And fun. Just you, me, Kate, Abby, Ducky, and McGee. You’ll get to terrorize Probie, have fun hanging out with Ducky—we’ll give him some of my amazing mulled wine so he doesn’t babble all night, and Abby and Kate will get sloshed and have a blast. I'll do all the cooking and the cleanup—"

"You will anyway," Gibbs pointed out, nibbling on Tony's ear. "I suppose you want a full dinner?"

"Well, it is traditional..." Tony's voice trailed off and he arched into Gibbs' touch, gasping at the feel of his mouth on his neck. "Oh..."

"I'll think about it." Gibbs gave him a slow smile and Tony's stomach clenched. "If you beg me nicely enough, we might be able to work something out."

"Everyone should be arriving in about half an hour or so," Tony said, surveying the elegantly decorated living room. The house smelled wonderful, like mulled spices and gingerbread cookies, and he grinned in pleasure at the sight of the tree. He and Gibbs had decorated it before Christmas and it was absolutely gorgeous.

"Good." Gibbs rested a hand on his shoulder and drew him close, kissing his temple. "Kneel for me, Tony."

Tony dropped to his knees instantly, hands behind his back. Gibbs crouched down next to him, running one hand through his hair. "I don't want you all the way down tonight, Tony," Gibbs murmured, squeezing the back of Tony's neck gently. "But I want you to know who you belong to. This is your party, but at the end of the night, you'll be in bed with your legs spread for me. And I want you to remember that."

Tony shivered. "Yes, Master," he whispered.

"Good boy." Gibbs kissed the back of his neck. "Raise your head."

Tony swallowed, his eyes fluttering closed as Gibbs buckled his collar around his neck. "Do you want me to show it off tonight, Master?" he asked softly.

"Not right now. You can cover it up. Later, we'll see." Gibbs stood. "Go get dressed, Tony."

Two hours later, Tony glanced around the living room and grinned. Just like he'd thought. Kate and Abby were curled up on the couch, drinking mulled wine and giggling about something incomprehensibly girly. Ducky was holding forth on some topic while McGee pretended to listen and not look like he was eyeing Abby every two seconds. And Gibbs was sitting in an overstuffed armchair, watching the whole scene and looking rather like the lord of the manor. Tony hid a smile at that thought.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he said at a pause in the conversation. "Dinner is ready. If you will all follow me?"

They were eating in the kitchen, as it was less formal and big enough for all of them. He'd set the table with plain white china and his great-grandmother's crystal, on top of a rich red tablecloth with matching napkins. The turkey was carved and set out on the table, as were the dishes of potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, and cranberry sauce.

"Wow," Abby said, looking around. "You made all this?"

Tony grinned. "As my lady knows, I am an excellent cook."

Abby giggled at the title, knowing what he referred to. Everyone else, of course, just thought he was being his usual flirtatious self.

"You really went all out," Kate said, shaking her head. "I'm impressed, DiNozzo."

He shrugged. There was really no way to explain that holidays at home had been depressing and cheerless and he was desperate for some new memories to replace the old. "I like cooking," he said simply. "If you will all be seated?"

Gibbs squeezed his shoulder briefly as he set out the basket of rolls. Tony gave him a shy smile and took his seat, spreading his napkin in his lap.

The food was passed around with little fuss. McGee ended up trapped and overwhelmed by dishes of cranberry sauce, stuffing, and carrots, and Tony glanced up with a grin. "Hey, Probie?"

"Yes, Agent DiNozzo?"

"Make sure you get plenty of carrots. I made them special for you."

"Really?" With a surprised and grateful smile, McGee ladled out a generous helping, and passed the carrots to Kate, who frowned at Tony.

"They're safe, Kate. It's just a new recipe." Tony smiled reassuringly, and took his own serving. Shortly, everyone was set, and Gibbs announced it was time to eat.

Egged on by Tony's comment, nearly everyone tried the carrots first. Kate coughed and grabbed for her water. "Wow," was all McGee said. Tony frowned.

"Piquant," was Ducky's comment. "Cayenne, Anthony?"

"Yeah." Tony's frown deepened, and came close to pouting. Abby held back a giggle.

McGee ate his carrots happily. "I love spicy food, Agent DiNozzo. These are great."

Gibbs barked from the head of the table. "Agent McGee?"

"Yes Boss?"

"It's Christmas. Lighten up. No more titles."

"Yes, Boss. Sir." Flustered, McGee went back to his food.

Kate was still fanning her mouth. "Hot!" She tossed a withering glance at Tony, who shrugged, not at all apologetically.

The rest of dinner passed companionably, if relatively quietly. Tony didn't eat much; cooking all day had taken away what appetite he had. He nibbled at the carrots and had a piece of turkey and watched everyone else eat, smiling a little to himself.

Tony saw Gibbs glance at him, noticing that he wasn't eating much, and Tony shrugged. "I cooked all day," he said by way of explanation. "I'll eat later."

"Be sure that you do," Gibbs said quietly.

Tony smiled a little.

"More wine, Anthony?" Ducky asked, holding out the bottle.

"Thanks, Ducky, but I'm fine." He'd already had half a glass, plus some mulled wine from earlier. Gibbs hadn't said anything but Tony knew the rules. "Anyone want more food?"

Kate groaned. "If I eat anything else I think I'm going to burst."

"I hope you saved room for dessert," Tony warned her. "I made apple pie and chocolate cake."

Abby's eyes lit up. "Chocolate mousse cake?"

"But of course, my lady."

Gibbs snorted, Abby laughed, and everyone else just looked confused.

"Old joke," Tony explained. "Shall we retire to the living room for dessert?" There were a few good-natured grumbles, but the bulk of the guests filed out of the kitchen. Kate remained, standing slightly uncomfortably as Tony began clearing the table.

"Can I at least do something?" she plaintively asked.

Tony looked up. "You're not mad about the carrots?"

Kate rolled her eyes. "Of course not. I'm never eating your food without a warning again, but they were good. Just spicy." She watched Tony pile up the plates in the sink and turn on the water. "Seriously, Tony. There are six of us, and one of you. Let me help with something."

Tony straightened, and grimaced. "You could figure out that espresso machine Abby got us. I have yet to get the steam function to work right." Kate located the behemoth, and began studying the dials as Tony loaded the dishwasher.

"I think you need an advanced degree in physics to make this work," she said warily.

"It wouldn't surprise me. Abby forgets sometimes that not everyone is as technologically sophisticated as she is." Tony finished loading the dishwasher and wiped down the counters. "If you can't figure it out, I have gotten it to make regular coffee. And I made it strong enough for Gibbs the other day, so not all hope is lost yet."

"I'm impressed."

Tony gave her a quick grin. "Thanks." He studied the kitchen for a moment before beginning to clear away the table linens.

"Are you sure I can't help?" Kate asked, getting down the coffee and beginning to fill the machine.

"Yeah, it's fine. Gibbs gets annoyed if other people help me out when I'm cleaning or something. He says it's a discipline thing." Tony shrugged.

Kate grimaced. "Sucks to be you, I guess."

"It used to. You can get used to anything, I guess." And that was as far as either of them was willing to go on that topic. Kate had had a year to get over the fact that her boss and coworker were having an affair; she still wasn't comfortable with all the particular aspects of it.

Tony finished up the table, and began laying out the coffee cups and dessert plates. "You okay there, Kate? I need to get everyone's dessert requests. " Kate smiled and nodded.

"I'm fine. I guess we're doing Americanos, then?"

Tony grinned and set the teapot to boil, "One shot of espresso in everyone's cup, except for Gibbs'. I'll make his." He wandered out of the kitchen as Kate muttered, "Of course you will."

The coffee was just about ready when Tony came back in. "Okay...let's see if I can remember all this." He took out a tray and began cutting pieces of cake and pie, setting them out carefully. "What do you want?"

"What do you recommend?"

Tony grinned. "It's New Year's. Have both."

Kate laughed. "Small pieces, then. I'm not kidding about being stuffed to the gills."

"You don't have gills, Kate." Tony laid forks out on the plates and picked up the tray. "I'll be right back to get the coffee."

With nothing left to do, Kate wandered back out into the living room, taking a seat on the couch. Tony was handing out plates; as she sat down, he gave her one, along with a fork. "Ducky, did you want tea or would you prefer coffee?" he asked, surveying the room.

"Tea would be lovely, Anthony. But I don't want to put you to any trouble."

"It's not. I've got the water heating now. I'll be right back." Tony smiled and left the room.

"When did Anthony become so domestic?" Ducky asked Gibbs, who shrugged and gave him a half-smile.

"He enjoys it, surprisingly enough."

Kate bit her lip to keep from saying anything.

Tony returned in a minute with another tray, this one laden with coffee cups and small pitchers of milk and sugar. "I made this one just for you, Boss," he said wryly. "It's practically sludge, so I think it's strong enough."

Gibbs took a sip and smiled. "It'll do."

Tony rolled his eyes and handed out the rest of the mugs, not keeping one for himself. He folded himself down at Gibbs' feet, resting his head against Gibbs' knee automatically.

"Almost midnight," Abby said quietly.

McGee sidled closer to Abby's chair. Abby rolled her eyes fondly at him, but reached up to grasp his hand. Ducky's voice was loud suddenly. "No champagne?" He sighed dramatically. "I suppose caffeine is more appropriate, considering our line of work." That comment brought low laughter.

The pop of distant fireworks made them grin at each other. "Early," noted Kate. Their desserts and coffee remained untouched as they counted down the minutes, just enjoying each others' presence.

The clock over Gibbs' mantel began chiming. "Happy New Year!" shouted Abby and she clunked her coffee cup with McGee's, before popping up, kneeling on the chair, and giving him a big smooch. McGee looked startled, but seemed to go along with it after a moment. Kate gave a blushing Ducky a kiss on the cheek.

Gibbs and Tony didn't kiss; Gibbs merely pressed down on Tony's collar, leaned down, and whispered while everyone was distracted, "Mine." Tony shuddered happily at the dark promise in his tone, and fought against dropping further into headspace.

"It was a good party," Tony said once everyone was gone and they'd made their way upstairs to bed.

"Mm." Gibbs hooked a finger in Tony's collar and drew him closer, kissing him hard. "And if you're not naked and spread out in bed in the next minute, we're never doing it again."

Tony swallowed. "Yes, Master," he said hoarsely. He undressed as quickly as he could and scrambled onto the bed, spreading his legs wide.

"Good boy." Gibbs crawled up over him, nuzzling and licking his neck. "I thought about making you take off the turtleneck after dinner," he murmured. "But I decided to be nice."

"Thank you, Master," Tony whispered.

Gibbs smiled and bit Tony's jaw, just under his ear. "It's a good thing we're off tomorrow," he said softly. "Because you're not going to want to sit down by the time I'm done with you."

Tony shuddered, his head falling back.

"Whose are you, Tony?" Gibbs' mouth trailed along Tony's jaw, nipping sharply as it went.

"Always yours, Master."

A hard kiss to Tony's lips had him gasping for air in seconds and hard as steel in less time. He moaned into Gibbs' mouth. "My eager boy." Gibbs slid his finger under the edge of the collar, and yanked slightly. Tony gasped. "I love seeing you collared. I love knowing that I can order you to do anything I want. Mine," he growled.

Tony felt himself slipping down. Dizzy, happy, he writhed under Gibbs' touches. "How shall I have you tonight? So many ways, Tony. You're my little slut, aren't you? You'll let me do anything." Gibbs mused. He pinched the skin under Tony's arm and twisted hard. Tony whimpered, already turned on enough that the pain shot through him like pleasure.

"Arms over your head," Gibbs told him roughly.

Tony swallowed, feeling the comforting touch of the fleece-lined leather cuffs as Gibbs fastened them around his wrists. "Master," he whispered. Not pleading, not yet. Just...a statement.

"So pretty, like this," Gibbs murmured, running a hand down Tony's chest. "Maybe I'll just play with you tonight. Tease you, touch you, fuck you on my fingers 'til you don't know which way is up. If you're a good boy, I'll let you suck me."

Tony whined, mouth dry with anticipation. He loved these nights, loved it when Gibbs played with him and brought him to the edge over and over again until he was so completely lost he'd do anything to come.

"Little slut," Gibbs said affectionately. "My little eager slut." He bit Tony's throat, just below the collar, and Tony whimpered helplessly. "But...I think you need something. Pretty as you are like this, I think you need some...decoration."

Oh God. Tony knew what was coming and his breath caught in his throat. Gibbs turned away, reaching for a box in the night table. He opened it and the flash of silver caught Tony's eye.

Gibbs lowered his head, licking and sucking on Tony's right nipple until it was hard and pebbled. Then he slid the clamp on, tightening it until Tony winced with more pain than pleasure. "Okay?" Gibbs murmured, fondling the other nipple.

Tony nodded breathlessly. "S'good."

"Good boy." Gibbs tugged on the other nipple with his teeth briefly before clamping it as well. He tugged the chain between them and Tony arched off the bed, unable to moan with the intensity that washed through him.

"Such a slut," Gibbs teased darkly. "Such a little slut. You like it this way, don't you. Like it when I hurt you. It burns and makes you want even more." Tony whined as another wave of spiked pleasure threatened to drown him. "Tell me you like it, little slut, or I'll stop. Leave you on edge for days."

God, no. Anything but that. Tony forced the words through his dry lips. "Please, Master. More. Anything, please."

Gibbs slid down, biting and sucking at Tony's hip bone. He still had a hold on the chain, though, and tugged it again. The sensation was so intense Tony didn't quite hear Gibbs' approving murmurs.

"Please," Tony whispered, squirming against the restraints. "Master, please..."

"Maybe I should leave you like this," Gibbs said against his skin, biting the soft spot where thigh met groin. "So desperate. So needy. I could keep you like this—just bend you over and fuck you whenever I wanted, or have you suck me. And you wouldn't come, would you, Tony? Because you know better."

Tony whined, trying to arch into Gibbs' touch. "Please, Master—I can't—"

"You can, Tony. Breathe for me. Just breathe and let yourself fall. I'll catch you."

He shivered, falling deeper and deeper until the only things that existed were the sensations running through his body and Gibbs' low voice, murmuring to him. "That's my good boy," Gibbs whispered, hands running over Tony's skin, heavy and warm and possessive. "All mine."

Tony nodded, too far gone to speak. He ached for Gibbs' touch, for his approval, anything and everything he wanted to give. Two rough fingers slid into him, and he strained to spread his legs wider. Hard and callused, they teased the nerves until he was on edge just from that alone.

Raggedly, he brought himself back, panting and gasping for air. "Slut," buzzed against his skin, and he nodded. He was a slut, for everything Gibbs wanted to do to him. "Think I'm going to have fun with you. You want that, slut?" The fingers thrust in, deeper, scratching, and Tony nodded, desperate. Gibbs yanked on the chain and bit down on Tony's thigh at the same time. He screamed wordlessly.

"That's what I like," Gibbs purred, soothing the bite mark with his tongue. "So pretty when you scream for me."

Tony panted, trying to breathe. Gibbs had a third finger inside him now and they were just playing with him, barely grazing his prostate, just enough to keep him hard and desperate and writhing.

"So hungry to be fucked, aren't you, little slut? So desperate to have that ass of yours filled. My fingers, my cock, toys, you'll take it all, won't you?" Gibbs twisted his fingers inside Tony savagely. "Maybe I'll plug you later and keep you like that all day. Bind your cock, too. Course, you'll have to be naked so I can play with you whenever I want. Have you over my lap so I can spank you when I fuck you with that plug."

Tony keened, high and long in the back of his throat.

"Yeah. You need this, don't you? You need a good, hard session. I've been too easy on you lately. Too soft on you." Gibbs bit his thigh again, just above the other mark. "Little slut."

Tony was past words, past anything but the high sobbing gulps of air he was trying to draw in. Gibbs tugged on the chain again and he cried out, twisting into it.

And then Gibbs just—stopped. His fingers pulled out of Tony's ass, he knelt up, and Tony was left lying on the bed, sweating and trembling and desperate for release.

"Relax, Tony," Gibbs said in amusement. "I'm nowhere near done with you yet."

Tony whimpered.

"I'm going to take the clamps off," Gibbs warned him. "Ready?"

He nodded wordlessly. Gibbs pulled the first clamp off quickly and he gasped, wanting to curl up and protect the bruised nipple. Gibbs drew it into his mouth, soothing the pain with his tongue—and then he pulled off the second clamp and Tony screamed.

He sagged back against the bed, wanting to curl up around his chest. "Shh," Gibbs murmured, stroking sweaty hair back from his face. "It'll be better in a moment." Gibbs reached up and unbuckled Tony's wrists. "Stand up, slut." Tony whimpered quietly, but didn't hesitate to move.

Tony knew exactly what was going to happen. He walked to the corner shakily and held out his wrists. Gibbs smiled, and Tony shivered at the sight. Quickly, Gibbs attached a different pair of cuffs, connected by only three links. Tony let Gibbs raise his wrists and hook them to the ceiling.

There was a little strain on his shoulders, but the hook was low enough that he could stand without being on tiptoe. Gibbs spun Tony gently so he faced the wall. Tony closed his eyes, and listened to his own heartbeat and harsh breathing. There was motion behind him, but he ignored it. It didn't concern him yet.

Tony knew Gibbs was going to work him over. He dreaded it even as he yearned for it, wanting the pain, the pleasure. Whip, crop, paddle, Gibbs' own hand—it didn't matter. He'd scream and he'd beg, wanting more and wanting it to never end.

That was how it was.

Knowing what was going to happen, however, didn't prevent Tony from being surprised at the sensation of the flogger across his ass. He could picture it—the handle, the soft leather strips, the hand holding it. He remembered the first time Gibbs had used it on him, how he had arched into the sensation of the tips dragging across his skin, surprisingly soft.

The flogger didn't hurt, not really. Not in comparison to everything else Gibbs used on him. And yet it made him shiver more, because he knew Gibbs only used this as a warm-up. The thud of the flogger just wasn't enough to do more than get him used to the feel.

The soft leather lashes trailed over his skin, making him twitch as they slid from his shoulders down to his ass. "Tell me you want this, Tony," Gibbs said quietly, stroking his back with the flogger.

He swallowed. God help him, but he did—he always did. He craved this, the pain and the pleasure and the marks it left on his body, proof of Gibbs' claim on him. "I want this, Master," he whispered.

"Good boy."

And, God, yes. There it was. The low, heavy thud as Gibbs began in earnest. Again, and again, until Tony was leaning into it. The stripes across his ass, down his back, along his legs. Over and over, until Tony was desperate for more. He lost count—just fell into sensation, deeper and deeper.

Gibbs paused, and Tony whined. Surely he wasn't done—surely he deserved more, needed more. His skin was barely warmed—he could barely feel anything. Tony wanted to feel Gibbs' mark.

A sharp slap with Gibbs' hand brought him down slightly. "Not done, Tony. So pretty like this, wanting more. I'm going to make your skin so hot. That's what you want, isn't it?"

Tony nodded, desperate. Gibbs pressed up against his back, grinding his erection into Tony's ass. He purred in Tony's ear, "Aren't you lucky I want it too?"

"Master," Tony whispered helplessly.

Fingers tangled in his hair, pulling his head back sharply. "Beg me for it, little slut. I'll give you what you need...once you beg me."

Tony whimpered. "Master, please. I need it, please, please, Master..."

"That's my good boy." Gibbs bit his jaw lightly and released him.

Tony swallowed. He couldn't see what Gibbs had picked up—and then cool coiled leather slithered over his back and he gasped. Oh God.

"Haven't used this on you in a while," Gibbs mused. "But I think you need it tonight, Tony. You've been desperate for this for a while, haven't you?"

He didn't wait for an answer before the whip cracked down and Tony cried out, hands clenching in their cuffs. Again, and Tony almost stepped forward from the force of it. God, it hurt—it stung and it burned and he was on fire, wanting more.

Gibbs teased him, letting the whip slide over his skin before cracking it down, or just lashing him one right after the over. Tony was half-sobbing, arching into the blows every time they fell. And then it stopped and he stood there, gasping for breath.

God, it hurt. There was no other word. Stripes of fire, crisscrossing his skin. It hurt and he couldn't stand anymore, and Tony was reveling in it. Pain, the marks of ownership. Gibbs had him, he was Gibbs', and it was just what he wanted.

Tony's legs were kicked apart, and he felt Gibbs' slick cock pushing in. Hard and rough, fingers leaving darker bruises on his hips. Electric pleasurepain and Tony was mindless with need and want.

Harder and rougher, vicious thrusts that had Tony keening. Gibbs was grunting behind him, head leaning on Tony's shoulder. Shallow thrusts, burning his nerves from the outside in.

"Please, Master," he begged shamelessly. "Please—"

Gibbs bit his shoulder, almost savagely, and Tony moaned. "When I'm ready," he said huskily. "Not yet."

He thrust in deeper, nudging Tony's prostate, making him whine and arch back into it. "Please," he moaned again, unable to stop himself from begging.

"Ask again and you don't get to come," Gibbs warned him without slowing his rhythm.

Tony whimpered and bit his lip to keep the words from falling out. His wrists ached where the cuffs dug into them, supporting his weight. His back burned, his ass throbbed, sweat was dripping into his eyes and he was so lost he would have done anything Gibbs wanted. Anything at all.

Gibbs' hand wrapped around his cock, stroking him roughly. "You can come when I do," he breathed in Tony's ear. "Not before."

Oh, God. He was going to get to come. He couldn't come, not yet, and he was so close. All Gibbs had to do was nudge him, and Tony would fall right over the edge. The seconds stretched and Tony felt his heart throb in time with Gibbs' thrusts. Wilder now, less holding back, and a thrill ran through Tony as he realized Gibbs was losing control because of him. His mouth was open, trying to get air, when suddenly Gibbs panted in his ear.

"Now, Tony."

A cruel twist, a violent thrust, and Tony saw a curtain of black collapse over his vision, maddeningly slowly. The orgasm came spiraling, cresting and he felt his eyes roll back into his head.

Tony didn't quite pass out. He was aware of harsh air on his shoulder, across what felt like a new bite. The burn from the whip, the violent cock in his ass, the slick that coated his balls and stomach and thighs. He just couldn't move or care for any of it.

So lost. His head fell forward, and he swayed slightly in his bonds.

He was vaguely aware of Gibbs thrusting into him one last time before stilling, warmth filling him inside and out. He felt Gibbs let him down, ease him onto the bed, wipe him off with a warm cloth before turning him onto his stomach.

The cream was cool and soft on his back, soothing the welts. Gibbs' hands smoothed it into his skin in firm, steady strokes, coaxing his muscles to relax. "That's my good boy," he murmured, rubbing the cream into Tony's ass. "My Tony."

Tony murmured something and tried to turn over, to curl up against Gibbs. He didn't quite manage it.

He heard a low rumble of laughter and then he was being gathered up in strong arms, settled under the covers with his head nestled on Gibbs' chest. It took him three tries to speak. "Thank you," he said softly, licking dry lips.

Gibbs kissed the top of his head. "Go to sleep, Tony. It's all right."

Sleep rolled over him like a velvet steamroller and he didn't bother trying to fight it.

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