Dental Children

Dental Children

Dental Children

Dental Children – The Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention


 สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์– Tooth Decay- Cavities and cracked teeth- Issues with gums including Gingivitis- Teeth Deterioration- Halitosis




Babies and toddlers suck their thumb or use a pacifier and the action distorts the roof of the mouth causing a condition known as fluorosis.


– Tooth eruption and tooth decay- Consistent bad breath and poor teeth hygiene- rectifying the teeth




– Make use of fluoride toothpastes and mouth washes containing fluoride to strengthen the enamel and eliminate the need for fillings- Best line of treatment is with metal and composite fillings as they are long lasting and closely resembles the natural tooth- closes the spaces in between teeth- Should metal or composite fillings show wear and tear, they can be replaced cheaper or replaced with a white filling




– Brush the teeth for at least 2 minutes twice a day- Increase the intake of water and juices, especially of fruit and vegetables- Cut down on the consumption of foods containing dairy- Dental checkups and mouth washing are recommended every 6 months


Dental Treatment:


– Cosmetic Dentistry- Dental Implants, Crowns, Bridges and Veneers- Root Canal Treatment- Gum Treatment- Treatments stall gum disease and receding gums Dental ChildrenDental ChildrenDental ChildrenDental ChildrenDental ChildrenDental ChildrenDental ChildrenDental Children




The daily intake of calcium is needed to keep the bones and teeth healthy. Dairy products, nuts, cereals and yogurt should be included in the diet, as should grains, vegetables, fruit and yes, even water.


Your diet should consists of food from the following food groups:


– carbohydrates and starches- fruits-hodophyll (green vegetables and plants)- vegetables and fruit- fish- grains and starches- dairy and eggs- meat and bones


A balanced diet is the key to maintaining a health mouth. Foods should be chosen according to their complement of whatever you need for your body and mouth.


Foods with high amount of vitamin C include:


– canned fish, clearned fish,avored pizza, soups, fruit jams, vinegar%-termentaes, sweetened


Good oral hygiene practices do not need to be learned at an early age. Children learn and remember at the early stages of their tooth development the importance of brushing, flossing, eating well, and how to brush their teeth. It is imperative to teach them the importance of good oral health as they begin to acquire the skills required for a lifetime of good oral health. One good oral habit is the habit of brushing and flossing the teeth after each meal. Rinsing the mouth after eatinghelps in the removal of food particles that are stuck between the teeth and under the gum line.brainer, right? The purpose of these two parts of your mouth is to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Byaning your mouth of food particles that are stuck between the teeth and under the gum line, the tiny organisms adhere to the surface of the teeth and thus are scraped off.Foods that are high in vitamin C include:


-ki jelly, pizza, soup, berries, citrus fruits-pickles, guacamole, toast,icum, toast, and tryptophiles


porcelain dental veneers are thin facings that are tooth-colored and enhance the look of the teeth. They are also called dental porcelain laminates and are custom-made to fit your teeth. They are strong and bond to the front teeth to eliminating the appearance of gaps. In this same way, crowns are also meant to correcting the appearance of teeth and restoring the normal bite to the patient.


Foods to prevent tooth decay:


-berries, blackberries, and carrots are loaded with sugar and should be consumed in moderation-sugar-free yogurt helps fight tooth decay by increasing the amount of saliva present in the mouth, thus reducing the formation of harmful bacteria by soaking in the mouth for about 20 minutes daily.-your dentist can suggest foods if you are not sure about your oral hygiene-mashed strawberries, especially when used for brushing or as this will fresh the amount of bacteria in the mouth for about 20 minutes.-hapSTER, if left out of the mouth for a long time, can act as a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast, which can cause tooth decay, gum disease and other oral disorders


early preventative dentistry can save your teeth. It is strongly recommended to visit your dentist at least twice a year as a part of your regular health checkups, but if you have developed a painful tooth condition, a short visit may be all you need.

Dental Children